NOXUS Jayce with a POWERFUL Burn Finish

NOXUS Jayce with a POWERFUL Burn Finish

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Duration: 32:58
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Jayce Swain Control Burn

Played on patch 2.19.0

00:00 Intro
01:05 Game 1 (Heimer & Jayce)
07:28 Game 2 (Lurk)
14:00 Game 3 (Riven & Swain)
20:00 Game 4 (Heimer & Vi)
26:31 Game 5 (Ziggs & Poppy)

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I try to make educational and entertaining videos for Legends of Runeterra with new decks every video. I only include the most intense and interesting games against meta decks to help you learn how to use your cards against them. That, or hilarious meme matches.
Thank you so much for watching and supporting the channel 😊

Track: Ikson - Focus [Official]
Music provided by Ikson®
Credit to VanQProductions for the intro!

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6 days agoNOXUS Jayce with a POWERFUL Burn Finish

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