Onzo quests - Summer in Mara

Onzo quests - Summer in Mara

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Duration: 14:46
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00:00 Bring Sunflower, receive Sunflower Seeds.
01:28 Bring Pumpkin, receive Pumpkin Seeds.
02:34 You don't receive anything.
04:16 Collect ingredients, receive Noodles recipe.
06:23 Visit Vituae Atoll and take Mutant Flower.
07:58 Bring Raw Copper, receive Chicken Outfit, Ammonite Shell and Razor Clam Shell. (I went to Gold Cay to find Mr. Ecco).
10:38 Receive Battery's recipe. (To craft it you'll need Raw Strange Metal that you can find in Black Volcano or even in your mine, if you have upgraded it. You can buy Wire from Akaji or you can craft it using Raw Copper. For the Wire's recipe you'll need to advance with the main story and Dunna will give you the Workshop structure. Build it in your island and you'll receive the recipe).

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