OUTRIDERS- Pax City: Part #15

OUTRIDERS- Pax City: Part #15

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCg7JusRdg0

Outriders (2021)
Duration: 40:30
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Outriders is a RPG-Shooter with aggressive gunplay and intense action. As such, blood and gore is frequent, and core to the experience. The Outriders unique abilities are as violent as the shooting, with bloody and gruesome methods for dispatching of enemies. The world of Enoch is dark and desperate, and the characters that inhabit the world are equally so. The game has strong language, adult theme and scenes some may find distressing.

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Outriders Statistics For SkoCkani

At present, SkoCkani has 441 views spread across 15 videos for Outriders, and about 10 hours worth of Outriders videos were uploaded to his channel. This makes up 2.21% of the content that SkoCkani has uploaded to YouTube.