PlayStation 5 Detailed, Officially Coming Holiday 2020 | The Jampack Report 10.09.19

PlayStation 5 Detailed, Officially Coming Holiday 2020 | The Jampack Report 10.09.19

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Sony's next-generation console is offically called the PlayStation 5 and has been confirmed for a holiday 2020 release. Check out details about its controller, games coming to the PS5, a new PSVR and more!

Here are today's stories:

- PlayStation 5 Gets a Holiday 2020 Release, Sony Unveils More Hardware Details

- Doom Eternal Delayed To March

- Doom 64 Has Been Announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

- Bluepoint Games Working on a 'Big Game' for PS5

- Sony patent points to next-gen PlayStation VR

- The architect behind Atari's VCS retro console just quit

- Call of Duty Mobile sees best first-week downloads of any mobile game

- A guy broke into Valve and stole over $40,000 worth of equipment and games

- The Simpsons: Hit & Run Dev Wants to Remake the PS2 Classic

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