Pokemon Fusion GONE WRONG! | Scottish Trainer Meme (Feat. Elsie Lovelock)

Pokemon Fusion GONE WRONG! | Scottish Trainer Meme (Feat. Elsie Lovelock)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf0AewuVKn4

Duration: 3:54
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What happens when you take new Pokemon from the Galar Region and Pokefuse them together? Nothing could go wrong, right?! Follow potty-mouthed Scottish Pokemon trainer on her journey to be the very best.

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Animator : Abigail Bokun
Scottish Trainer/ Professor Magnolia: Eslie Lovelock @elsielovelock
Additional Art: Lily Walkow
Writer and Pokedex: Dash Kwiatkowski

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Pokémon Fusion GONE WRONG! | Scottish Trainer Meme
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