Pokemon Gen 8 WiFi: Galar Newcomers Battle 4 - Sucker Punch MVP

Pokemon Gen 8 WiFi: Galar Newcomers Battle 4 - Sucker Punch MVP

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Or... MV...M? Most Valuable Move? Anyway, here you'll see Mr Mine for the first time. Oddly, the first Gen 8 Pokemon I IV bred. I just thought the idea of Eviolite Galarian Mr Mime was kind of interesting, and it learns some good doubles support moves. In practice... it wasn't as bulky as I thought it'd be (still bulkier than the evolution though), but Fake Out, Helping Hand and speed control is still nice. Helping Hand is a move I like having on at least one Pokemon whenever I make a doubles team. Obstagoon original had it too, but I replaced it with Close Combat for Duraludon coverage.

Speaking of Obstagoon, one cool thing about it is all 3 of its abilities are decent, and here you'll see one I didn't use: Defiant. Reason I didn't go for it is there are actually NO Pokemon in Galar Newcomers with Intimidate... guess I forgot about Icy Wind. That was almost bad, but a well-targeted Max Wyrmwind stopped it before it could become an issue.

Here you'll see Gigantamax Hatterene. This was before the event making it more common. Its Max Move is often preferred, because it can be used without overriding Psychic Terrain. And it confuses the entire opposing field. I have to admit, I got lucky here. Hitting myself even once could've been really bad.

And then the terror that is Galarian Darmanitan came out again. Thing is, everyone fears this thing so much that it's a really big target, so it needs to be played very well. And this was the point where I mentally yelled: I KNEW Sucker Punch on Dragapult wasn't a bad idea! Had to use it in case it was Scarfed, and it payed off. Although looking back, Ally Switch + Mystical Fire would've also won me the fight.