Pregnant Mother simulator 3D - Gameplay Walkthrough lvl 25-30

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Pregnant Mother simulator 3D - Gameplay Walkthrough lvl 25-30

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Pregnant Mother simulator 3D

Pregnant Mother simulator 3D Description
Virtual pregnant mother sim game

Becoming a mother is great for any woman, when you know you are pregnant is great moment of your life in this game you will experience real pregnant mother responsibilities, joys and difficulties while pregnant and cop with will experience real life simulation in this pregnancy game.Time to rock being a mommy in the best pregnancy simulator game

The game starts when you get up in the morning and not feeling told your husband and he advice you to take pregnancy test.
I am pregnant the story of pregnant mother simulator game starts from here.
Pregnant mom is so excited and she has to take care of herself througout the pregnancy.she needs to take regular doctor visits.she needs to follow a managed life from 1st to third trimester.
Pregnant mom life is a challenge for herself to maintain all activities during nine months of pregnancy, and stay active and take all necessary precautions to avoid misscarige during 1st trimester.
To obtain a dream family a mother has to take challenge and become a supermom.
In this game there are all household activities that mother have to do while she is pregnant, like cooking, washing, cleaning and taking care of herself.doing exercises safe during pregnancy like yoga.and take care of her family also.also routine pregnancy checkups with her gynecologist, to avoid complication.for normal and healthy growth of baby until baby arrived.
1.Pregnancy test and doctor visit for checkup.
2.Taking healthy diet and supplements.
3.Household activities like cooking, cleaning, washing cloths.
4.Pregnancy exercises and healthy routine as real pregnancy.
5.Beautiful house environmen

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