"Quack Wok" - Wario Land: Shake It! | SUPER MARIO/WARIOTHON

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Duration: 9:05:24

Just you wait for the Peewee Herman PSA, it's a real hoot and a holler.

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0:00:00 Title Screen
0:00:36 Opening Cutscene
0:04:18 The Sweet Stuff | Aboard the Sweet Stuff
0:17:43 The Sweet Stuff | Room on the Sweet Stuff
0:18:59 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Stonecarving City
0:53:52 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Whoopsy Desert
1:09:02 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Foulwater Falls
1:36:56 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Run-Down Pyramid
2:04:18 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Rollanratl Battle
2:09:32 The Sweet Stuff | Pirate Shop
2:11:12 Area 2 ~ Wiggly Wilds | Just Plains
2:26:13 Area 2 ~ Wiggly Wilds | Wavy Waters
2:42:11 Area 2 ~ Wiggly Wilds | Mt. Lava Lava
3:04:54 Area 2 ~ Wiggly Wilds | Savannah Valley
3:43:37 Area 2 ~ Wiggly Wilds | Hot Roderick Race
3:47:03 The Sweet Stuff | Pirate Shop
3:48:30 Area 3 ~ Rocking Range | Wreck Train
4:02:53 Area 3 ~ Rocking Range | Stonetooth Cave
4:26:13 Area 3 ~ Rocking Range | Its-all Mine
4:48:34 Area 3 ~ Rocking Range | Glittertown
5:11:17 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Whoopsy Desert
5:16:15 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Disturbing Tomb
5:40:56 Area 3 ~ Rocking Range | Chortlebot Challenge
5:44:43 The Sweet Stuff | Pirate Shop
5:45:23 Area 4 ~ Jiggle Jungle | Ropey Jungle
6:04:46 Area 4 ~ Jiggle Jungle | Windbreak Bay
6:29:17 Area 4 ~ Jiggle Jungle | Airytale Castle
6:51:21 Area 4 ~ Jiggle Jungle | Soggybog River
7:12:49 Area 4 ~ Jiggle Jungle | Bloomsday Blowout
7:19:26 The Sweet Stuff | Pirate Shop
7:20:13 Area 5 ~ Quiver Cliffs | Mount Bighill
7:34:16 Area 5 ~ Quiver Cliffs | Creep Blue Sea
7:47:09 Area 5 ~ Quiver Cliffs | Slipshod Slopes
8:07:19 Area 5 ~ Quiver Cliffs | Bad Manor
8:26:30 Area 5 ~ Quiver Cliffs | Large Fry Cook-Off
8:31:54 The Sweet Stuff | Pirate Shop
8:32:28 Shakedown Schooner | VS the Shake King
8:45:29 Ending
8:46:22 Credits
8:48:36 A Consultation Fee
8:50:39 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Foulwater Falls
8:58:49 Area 1 ~ Ratl Ruins | Rollanratl Battle
9:05:07 Outro

- - -

Wario Land: Shake It! is a 2008 platform game developed by Good-Feel for the Wii, with animation produced by Production I.G. It is the sixth installment of the Wario Land series, as part of the Wario franchise, and the first game in the series to be released on a home video game console. The game follows Wario as he enters the Shake Dimension with the goal of obtaining the Bottomless Coin Sack, which provides an endless supply of coins.

Shake It opens with Captain Syrup breaking into a museum and observing the surface of an ancient globe, which houses the Shake Dimension. She witnesses a crisis occurring in the Shake Dimension, in which the Shake King has imprisoned Queen Merelda and her Merfle subjects and claiming the legendary "Bottomless Coin Sack," which releases an endless supply of coins when shaken. Captain Syrup steals the globe and mails it to Wario, claiming that the real treasure is inside. Before Wario is able to break the globe open, one of the escaped Merfles emerges and asks for help. Wario becomes interested in the affair only after learning of the Bottomless Coin Sack and follows the Merfle back into the Shake Dimension.

Shake It is a side-scrolling platform game in which the player controls the protagonist Wario, who must travel through five distinct continents, each of which offers up to 7 sequential levels, defeating the boss in each of them. The game is played by holding the Wii Remote horizontally, and makes use of the controller's motion control features; in addition to Wario's standard moveset, including a forward charge attack and a butt stomp, Wario also possesses several new moves which utilize the Remote's motion-sensitive features. By shaking the controller, Wario can perform a powerful ground punch, which stuns nearby enemies and activates certain mechanisms. He can also pick up stunned enemies and coin bags and shake them using the Wii Remote to make them spit out coins and items, and can throw picked up enemies and objects, aiming by tilting the controller. Various vehicle-based sections, which involve activities such as riding mine carts and piloting a submarine, also make use of the Wii Remote's tilt controls.

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