Super Mario - Evolution Of Super Mario ENDINGS (1985 - 2019)

Super Mario - Evolution Of Super Mario ENDINGS (1985 - 2019)

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Today we will cover the #supermario #evolution of the endings in super mario in our enemy/character/power up/item evolution series we are going to look at the origin, secrets, timeline, story, lore, mysteries and history of endings seen in a lot of super mario games including #supermariomaker2 for the nintendo switch. they were seen in the super mario bros games made by nintendo. We have seen mario in games like super mario bros, super mario world, super mario land, super mario galaxy, new super mario bros wii, super mario 3d land, super mario 3d world, new super mario bros u deluxe, super smash bros, mario kart 8 deluxe and there is even in the new super mario odyssey for the nintendo switch. However in what ways did our hero try to stop bowser, bowser jr, boordals, koopalings and others together with peach, luigi, toad, waluigi, wario, pauline and more. How did this enemy evolve throughout time? How did mario help take back worlds and levels? Well, let's find out! #nintendo #nintendoswitch #supermariomaker2 #end #ending

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