Tarkov's 9x19 Meme Sniper? STM-9 Builds, Ammo & Problems - Escape From Tarkov

Tarkov's 9x19 Meme Sniper? STM-9 Builds, Ammo & Problems - Escape From Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov
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The STM-9 is one of the newest additions to Tarkov. This 9x19mm carbine has it's fair share of problems but when built correctly can be a really underrated gun. so lets break down builds, ammo & more. Catch me losing this gun live: https://twitch.tv/vox_e
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwitchVoX_E​​​​​
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/dcbK85WApA​
VoX's Choice: https://imgur.com/gallery/fgjn56J
100 Ergo STM: https://imgur.com/gallery/FZ2wxWo
Budget STM: https://imgur.com/gallery/BCBkQy3
Meta STM: https://imgur.com/gallery/uMrBL4D
Intro 0:00
Saiga-9 vs STM-9
Budget STM-9: 1:47
Meta STM: 3:25
100 Ergo STM: 5:20
MOA Problems: 7:45
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