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Team Fortress 2
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This video alone took a lot of days to make. I tried to make it as entertaining and tried to throw in some changes that distinguishes my video against the rest.
I'm not the best in representing everything, however, I do hope you find something useful in this video. Or if not, at least enjoyed the video, after all, the enjoyment of my viewers are top priority for me.
This is a "walkthrough" of my favorite deathrun map, Playstation (dr_playstation_final), made by a group of people in a team called Fortress Lab, credits to the team for bringing such a beautiful map to the roster.
If I missed anything, or put in a wrong info or anything like that, I apologize, but this video is nearly an hour long and on top of it being an hour long, I had to edit all of it to make it simple, and entertaining at the same time, which is difficult for an hour video.
You can ask me anything about this map in the comments if you want, but I won't be able to answer all of it.
0:00 Intro
1:23 Traps
4:25 Traps (POV Gameplay)
7:40 Zurg
9:15 VS Zurg
10:44 Zurg Defeated
11:38 Endings
12:55 Gex 3D
14:46 Spyro the Dragon
16:23 Wipeout 2097
19:53 Crash Bandicoot
22:28 The Shining?
24:19 JOHNNY Intro
26:07 JOHNNY
30:20 100% completion
31:45 Cheats Memcards
32:50 Cheats Memcards Locations
35:04 Spyro the Dragon (CHEATS)
35:55 Crash Bandicoot (CHEATS)
36:27 Wipeout 2097 (CHEATS)
36:49 Gex 3D (CHEATS)
38:23 Memcard Shredder (Cheats Memcard)
38:50 100% Memcard
39:17 Getting the 100% Memcard
39:44 100% Memcard's effect
40:22 Memcard Shredder (100% Memcard)
40:42 Super Secret
41:14 Bud Room
42:26 Bud Room (POV)
44:42 Bud Room (Time's up)
45:10 Bud Statue's Sign Effect
45:53 120% Completion
46:23 Bud Card
47:24 Crash Bandicoot, Wipeout 2097, and Gex 3D (BUD)
48:07 Spyro the Dragon (BUD)
48:52 JOHNNY (BUD)
50:20 Burg
51:54 VS Burg
53:48 Memcard Shredder (BUD)
54:46 Miscellaneous
54:59 Motivator
55:18 Crystal Statue
55:37 Outro

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