TF2 Invasion Alpha - Cut Content - Fan-Made Trailer 2021

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TF2 Invasion Alpha - Cut Content - Fan-Made Trailer 2021
Video by AymericTheNightmare & Childeric_Bantu
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This is our fan made trailer of TF2 Invasion Alpha for 2021.

The video was recorded by AymericTheNightmare and edited by Childeric_Bantu.

TF2 experienced a chaotic development before arriving at the game we know.

One of the versions, called "Invasion" was leaked in 2003.

This build is technically close to Half-Life 2 Beta.

Besides, the "demo_arctic" map is in the game.

This time, there is no question of REDvs BLU rivalry, but of a war between Humans and Aliens.

We have compiled a few clips of "gameplay" for you, if we can call it like that.

See you in 2Fort, enjoy!

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2021-10-23TF2 Invasion Alpha - Cut Content - Fan-Made Trailer 2021

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