The Best Doujin Onsen You Will (Probably) Never Listen To

The Best Doujin Onsen You Will (Probably) Never Listen To

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Duration: 47:46
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Ear picking with Yukiya-san: RJ204729
Translated script:
Dating with Yukiya-san: RJ239666
Translated script:

Megamisoft YouTube channel:

Materials used:
Classmate - Bakemonogatari
Suteki Meppou - Bakemonogatari
Bruh Sound Effect #2
Kyou no Koto wa Wasurerarenai yo - Your Lie in April
Wood cabin ambience blizzard and snowstorm sounds
[ASMR] Whispered Movie Review by MattyTingles
Old Fashioned - Nekomonogatari (Kuro)
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