The BLACK HOLE Bomb Shooter?! (BTD 6 Mod)

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The BLACK HOLE Bomb Shooter?! (BTD 6 Mod)

Mods made by DatJaneDoe!
#BloonsTD6Hack #BloonsTD6 #Tier6
Today we're playing more hacked Bloons TD 6 and hacking in a tier 6 Bomb Shooter! You can create the Vengeful Bomb Shooter using this BTD 6 mod when you place 3 tier 5 bomb shooters. The Bomb Shooter is already an insane tier 5 upgrade in BTD 6 but this hack adds an even more insane tier 6 vengeful upgrade called the Vengeful Bomb Shooter. Let me know what hacked tower in BTD 6 you want to see next and we'll make the mod!
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