The Great Earth Exodus | 1000 Days to Escape

The Great Earth Exodus | 1000 Days to Escape

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1000 Days to Escape is a game about sending billions of humans to colonise other planets because we've messed up Earth to the point where there are only 1000 days worth of oxygen left. Go Humans!

With a space agency at our disposal we blast off for distant planets, first exploring strange new worlds and then sending people, millions of people, off to settle on them. Some are good worlds but others need work, such as gravity generators and temperature regulators, and all this exploration and colonisation is done against the ticking clock...


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1000 days to escape is a space arcade simulator. This game covers serious issues in an ironic form.

Life on the Earth is going to disappear. Due to huge temps of population growth and global development of human civilization, irreversible climate change and disturbance of stable processes in the biosphere of our planet occur. Calculations has shown that oxygen remains for 1000 days.

At the World Summit on the Global Security you've got a carte blanche to realize the largest space program ever. The main goal is to save as many people as you can.

Don't worry, all modern technologies are at your disposal.

Find new planets in the outer space with a telescope.
Explore them using a scout satellite. Just put it into a rocket, fill up the tank and launch to the selected planet.

Each world has its own characteristics. There is no atmosphere suitable for people? Too cold? Bring a specific generator. Mission will be successful if all the conditions of human life are met.

During space exploration, discover new technologies, earn science points and pimp your spaceport.

Creative approach to space flights and the transportation of people.
The star system is randomly generated at the start of each game.
Over 25 planets with different characteristics.
Some planets are inhabited by alien civilizations. To wage war or cooperate, it's up to you.
There are many different events. Triumphed an alien civilization? Use received resources for technological development or convert them to science points. Scientists said they are ready to reveal a series of innovations? Keep them or bargain with enemies is one of the difficult decisions you have to make.

But remember. This is space. It does not cooperate.


Graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard.

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