The Hypest Plays In Professional TF2 History

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A compilation of the best professional plays in the 15-year history of TF2. In this video I prioritized the clips with the best reactions so I have definitely excluded a lot of clips that were crazier. Below are the links to my discord and my twitch:

Competitive TF2 has a great community and playing the game competitively makes the game much more fun. In competitive TF2 Every player in any role can make big plays and showcase their talent. From playing and watching Competitive TF2 for half my life, these clips are some of the most memorable hype clips. I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I do and try out Competitive TF2. I have included a few links below to help people get into Competitive TF2.

Team fortress 2
Craziest Plays
Craziest Moments
Insane moments
Professional TF2
Competitive TF2
TF2 Highlights
Professional Team Fortress 2
Insane airshot
tf2 insane airshot
meet the soldier
meet the medic
meet the demoman
meet the spy
meet the scout
6V6 Team fortress 2
Uncle dane
Best TF2 moments
11 troll revolver spies
surviving TF2's rarest kills speedrun
insane aim TF2
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best plays of all time
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