[UPDATED] Pokemon GBA Rom With Mega Evolution, Gigantamax, Hisui Forms, 1250+ Pokemon & Much More!

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Duration: 15:50

[UPDATED] Pokemon GBA Rom With Mega Evolution, Gigantamax, Hisui Forms, 1250+ Pokemon & Much More!

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***Cover Details***
Author's Name ➔ Axel Loquendo
Game Name ➔ Pokemon The Last Renoval Red
An FR Project With Custom Features Within The Classic Game!

***Official Source***
YouTube ➔ https://bit.ly/3rpOiCt
Facebook ➔ https://bit.ly/3JECFxR

***Change Log Completed v1.3***
➔Fixed Pokemon Sprites.
➔Worked On Pokemon Stats.
➔Added New Alternate Forms.
➔Internal Updates & More!
➔And Other Bugs Were Fixed!

***Game Features***
➔The Whole Game Has 1250+ Pokemon In Total.
➔Mega Evolution, Gigantamax Forms & Fakemon Added.
➔Gym Leaders Can Use Mega Evolution & Gigantamax Forms.
➔Alolan, Galarian & Hisuian Forms Are Obtainable!
➔Gen 1-8 Most Pokemon Added & Custom Fakemon!
➔New Pokemon Menu & Edited Summary Screen A Bit!
➔In Viridian Forest A Guy Gives You Every Single Item In The Game.

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***Artwork Credits***
➔Background Layout Pictures Were Designed By Artist Ishmam.

***Song Credits***
Track: Todd Helder - Never Stop [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: https://youtu.be/KDtuZilDITs
Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/NeverStop

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