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Valorant (2020)
Duration: 2:21:00

This is Nirav R known as Captain or Omi in the Gaming world, My world. The place where I am Alive.
Your Dost & Host & Passionate Gamer or a Fellow content Creator from Gujarat 🏰

Gaming Since 1997, As Far as my memory goes as a kid however as per my Parents has been doing so since I was 3 (Pc Gaming)

🎮 Passionate & Hardcore gamer who used to play whole day.
Picking up the Cafe owner from his house in the morning or the Key of the cafe.
Until the time it gets closed which was 12:00 Am and Sometimes 1:00 Am Depending on the games.

👦The Childhood. (Memories)

My Entire Childhood has been simply amazing since it was spent in the gaming world 🌐

CS Source.
CS 1.6
Age of Empires.
NFS Most wanted.

Games which I played nah, I got Famous because of that, Especially Dota.

I was part of each Tournament in my city.
There wasn't a single one in which my name wasn't on the top.

It still feels like yesterday, when people used to visit the cafe just to watch my game. (Dota)
Good old Garena Days. Indian Room 4,2,3 etc.
My Id if anyone is still around.

Getting phone calls from Different city where people contact me how they love my game in the tournament and they watch my replays of the game to learn in their cafe.

The Fame which I never expected in the early age.

That standing ovation I got in Baroda Zapak Cafe (FatehGanj) when I clutched 1vs5 or weather the no Scope Kills in Dust2 in the CS Source Tournament. By the owner followed by the pro gamers in the entire Cafe (Goosebumps bruv)

Changed my life forever and the moment I will never forget in my life.

I Love Playing,
#Valorant | Dota 2 | Counter Strike - Global Offensive aka CSGO |Call Of Duty Warzone, while Streaming and having fun with my friends and youtube Family AKA You 😃

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