Vintage Story Test World E20 Starting A Forge, Trapdoors, New Panning Area & Treasure

Vintage Story Test World E20 Starting A Forge, Trapdoors, New Panning Area & Treasure

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Vintage Story
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Published on 11 June 2021
This world started as a Test World for my computer but I fell in love with the world and decided to play on as a series. I am going to use this world to test Vintage Story Updates at an early stage.
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Vintage Story is a new game under development. It is being developed by a passionate set of developers, dedicated sandbox making enthusiasts,
led by Tyron and Saraty.
Vintage Story is a sandbox game about innovation and exploration. The aim is to offer deep and well balanced survival gameplay.
The game is being developed and updated all the time so I have put the version number on the thumbnail.
You can buy the game at:
Tyron's contact details are:
Saraty's Contact details are:
Music by: @Hayden (Lo-Phi)
Many thanks to copygirl for her help with the thumbnail.
If you are learning English as a second language you will find I have good English pronunciation which might help you.

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