WAGSTAFF IS EVIL? | [Don't Starve Theory]

WAGSTAFF IS EVIL? | [Don't Starve Theory]

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Don't Starve
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In this Don't Starve theory video, I discuss Wagstaff's evil nature.
At a glance, he merely looks like a wizened old man of science - hardly anything out of the ordinary. But, taking a closer look at some of his quotes, Wagstaff clearly has some darker motivations... what is he truly up to?

Wagstaff is one of Don't Starve's newest playable characters, being shipped alongside the Hamlet DLC. Wagstaff also happens to have some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking quotes in the entirety of Don't Starve. By reading through them one can determine that Wagstaff is... not who he appears to be at surface level. At a glance he merely looks like an old scientist who was dragged into the constant for... whatever reason. Maybe he too was enticed by Maxwell, either in the pursuit of knowledge or some other valuable commodity, like the other characters were. In the very least, he certainly doesn't originate from inside the constant itself, like Wilba, Wortox, and Wormwood appear to.

Instead, Wagstaff seems to be a unique case in terms of his residence in the constant. While playing as him you may have noticed that he begins to distort, an effect that increases in intensity the lower his health. The closer to death Wagstaff becomes, the cracklier his image appears, and the more unstable his voice grows. In the game's files this process is referred to as 'outofworldprojection.' Which is certainly an interesting name... what if wagstaff's presence in the don't starve world is actually a metaphysical projection rather than him himself? Furthering this, in the Hamlet roadmap wagstaff was described as a "mysterious inventor who finds himself exactly where he wanted to be," implying that he actually fully intends to reside in the constant in one form or another. It certainly adds up, explaining why many of Wagstaff's quotes for horrible beasts show wonder and admiration instead of fear or intentions of self-preservation.

We also know for certain that Wagstaff has the intellectual capability to project himself in such a manner. Unlike Wilson, Wagstaff is a successful scientist. A snippet of canon revealed by one of the developers (if only things were so simple nowadays) says that Wagstaff is the founder of the Voxola Radio company, and was the inventor of the Voxola PR-76, a device which Maxwell used to communicate with Wilson and possibly others. The voxolas clearly possessed some sort of magical ability - whether this was intentional on Wagstaff's part is unknown. This knowledge ties in with the events depicted in Winona's origin trailer - in it, a mysterious figure falls through a portal, causing the Voxola factory to go up in flames. This figure is all but confirmed to be Wagstaff himself, as we know that he disappears on the night of the fire, and also appears to be standing in some sort of administrative or office room.
Furthermore, Wagstaff's inventive intelligence is also reinforced by the fact that be appears to be the inventor of WX-78. Judging by many of his quotes for various objects in the world, as well as WX-78 himself on the nightmare throne, Wagstaff clearly has some sort of relationship with the robot. WX-78 even has some quotes that back this up.

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