War Thunder - Episode 695 - Don't Be A Booli (Arcade Battles/American Desert)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9PE5rP9ggg

Duration: 9:38


Episode 695 - Originally recorded on August 4th, 2022. Another match featuring the iconic KV-220. Solo once again, but later down the road, Aki will be joining us for more.

DISCLAIMER 6/29/2022: Aki (Kasaii) & I's commentary may get spicy or utilize dark humor at times. If you're easily offended, or are generally uncomfortable with things like this, then I would suggest looking for content elsewhere.

NEW CHANGE: From this point forward, it is confirmed that I will currently no longer display to total kill count for the match out of requests by the viewers. However, if this were to change once again, I will reinstate kill counts.

Welcome to my War Thunder matches series! What is this series, you ask? Put simply, they are live single matches, which could be of absolutely anything in the game. From any game mode, nation, vehicle type, etc. The title should give some insight on what to expect from the episode. Most of these probably will have commentary. The subject of the title could be of a vehicle, or nation. Most likely always going to be of the vehicle. And sense a lot of these may be back to back matches, then please keep an eye on the episode number, as the subject title could be the exact same as the previous few or even next few episodes. What makes a match worthy of an episode? Not much. Whether it be a fantastic or fun match, or just something to upload. However, most of the time I will be focusing on better higher quality matches. Each of them will have their own custom thumbnail as well! Which is neat. Hope you guys enjoy!

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