WILL THE NEW MAGIC LEGENDS MMO FLOP? Reviewing NEW Magic Legends Gameplay Trailer

WILL THE NEW MAGIC LEGENDS MMO FLOP? Reviewing NEW Magic Legends Gameplay Trailer

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Magic Legends on the surface is a multiplayer Magic the gathering themed action RPG. If you’ve never heard of magic the gathering, its a collectible card game that has been around for years in paper form as well as video games including the newest edition on PC called MTG arena. Magic the gathering has a rich mystical universe and lore within the thousands of cards that have been printed. With magic Legends even if you’ve never played Magic , you won’t be at a disadvantage against players that have more experience with other Magic games. If you are in fact familiar with the cards however, you will recognize some of your favorite creatures, spells, and locations you may have read about in the cards lore as you build your deck and explore the game.

Become a planeswalker
Ancient force moves in the darkness, you must walk the planes to gather power so that you can fight what threatens the multiverse.

Powering up:
Collect spells to build spell hands as well as lots of progression and customization to suit your play style

Playable Classes:
Geomancer uses earth to magic to fight enemies with close range stone and lava attacks and defend themselves with rock shields. They can summon and control creatures such as goblins, earth elementals, and kavu which are which I assume are carnivorous mutant reptiles if they are based on prints in the card game. These creatures follow you around like pets and help you fight enemies.
Mind Mage focus on psychic powers to fight enemies at range thats specified as “a safe distance” They can put enemies to sleep, confuse them to attack their own allies, or pelt them with projectiles using telekinetic powers. They are inherently better at crowd control and will be skilled at but not limited to using blue cards.

Game Modes
Ordeal is a quick solo mission that can be entered into sort of like rifts with objectives and time limits like cleansing relics in 10 minutes Bosses spawn at the end and rewards are better if you complete the mission within the time limit. They get progressively harder as you progress through the mission by an AI system called the director. There are also side objectives like destroy 150 zombies which when completed will yield extra loot. After successfully completing the ordeal, the player is presented with a mission rewards screen containing a variety of unlocked spells as well as an assortment of spell shards for cards that have already been unlocked. These spell shards can be used to upgrade spells
Story Mission is an instanced full scale segment of the game that we will get into in another video.

Deck is a combo of creatures and spells totaling 12 cards and is put together prior to entering missions. Hand is Four spells to draw from at any given time. Some commentary that was discussed in other videos have talked about the variety of options in building a deck that follow recognizable archetypes in the card game. Raise an army of the undead and buff them up follows the theme of re-animator decks, creating a deck of huge green creatures sounds typical of what green decks seem to accomplish in the card game, and even a red deck that focuses on mostly burn spells and smaller minions just like the popular red deck wins archetype that is almost always prevalent in the standard card meta game.

Class Abilities
Escape lets you break free from mobs. Mind mage has a doppelganger and lets him move and attack freely from the shadows

As an ARPG, this game looks good but elements of the UI make it look like a mobile of console game with a PC port. From the gameplay videos I’ve seen, the animations, characters, and creatures look fantastic. Theres dozens of powers shown off in gameplay footage that was shown from game informer and it looked really sharp and responsive. It also resembles Diablo 3 a lot, I mean a lot a lot. Most top down ARPGs do though since Diablo sort of defined the genre. The landscape, architecture, and hostile mobs shown in the gameplay I saw looked very much like an area you would visit in Diablo 3. In terms of it being an MMO, I’m not so sure about it although the features of multiplayer may still have some aspects that we may have not seen but currently feels like a typical multiplayer ARPG model. I’m optimistic but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments as well. Be sure to subscribe to this channel for more upcoming coverage I’ll show off and discuss as more info is released.

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