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Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist is a wacky, colorful, fun, and episodic adventure that playfully touches upon morals about facing one's problems and internal conflicts head on through edible motifs, carried by a cast of unique characters. If you're looking for a treat that doesn't take a lot of effort to watch this winter 2021 anime season, Dr. Ramune delivers room service. It's like Mushishi with ADD.
I will be reviewing every new anime this season so if there is one you are wanting to see, it is likely coming up within the next couple of weeks. This is part of a series where I review all the new anime in a season. My rules for this are: I am basing these reviews off the first two episodes alone to allow myself and you guys to have room to decide if continuing the show is personally worth it. I am also focusing my attention on entirely new series, so sequel shows will not be included for the time being. Keep in mind I will comprehensively talk about the events in the first two episodes, so if you prefer watching shows blind, this series may be something you want to come back to after you watch for yourself.

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Kaibyoui Ramune

Toshio Masuda - Mushishi - Makura Kouji

ZUN - Touhou 18 Unconnected Marketeers - A Rainbow Spanning Gensokyo

Background is a screen shot from Dr. Ramune of the shrine where his office is located. The thumbnail background is a photo of Asakusa Shrine.

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Ghostcat Allan is a variety creator and streamer. I primarily make anime and manga related reviews and commentary. I may also upload gaming videos, fanfiction readings, and Pokemon card openings. I also hope to be a vtuber some day.

Title: You Should Watch Dr. Ramune

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