Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Glitch Compilation

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Glitch Compilation

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btIZ360wuNs

Duration: 5:14
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Here are some odd glitches I found while playing.
All Glitches shown in this video game be done on any version of the game, including the one you have at home.

How to Perform these:

-Enter the chicken coop.
-Pick up any chicken.
-Press the Y button to open your inventory.
-Press the Z button to warp home & sleep from your inventory.
-Head over to the chicken coop, but take out any edible item. (You must be holding it when you enter the coop).
-You're now holding both a chicken and item.

-From here, you can either:
-Eat the item, which makes the chicken glitch around you.
-Put the item on the ground, which sends the chicken to the very top-left corner of the map.
-Feed it to a wild animal. (The chicken will be in the same spot the animal was, after sleeping).
-Or give it as a gift.

-If you hold a chicken anywhere on the overworld, then Menu Sleep home,
you'll be holding a chicken when you leave the house, and you will also be behind the door.
NOTE: This does NOT work if you take an item out before leaving the house!
Doing so will simply set the chicken back into the coop.

This works with any item you can hold, so you can Propose to someone with a chicken.

-Have 3-4 rocks in your inventory.
-Place 2-3 in the right places next to an angled wall.
-You should have 1 square to stand on, plus the angled corner.
-Face the full square, and take out a rock.
-Hold the R button, then walk backwards into the corner.
-Once the blue highlight is on the last full square, press A.
-You should now be on a half square.
-It takes some wiggling, but you should be able to clip into the river.

-If done in the small lake on top of the mountain, (And next to the Goddess Pond),
then you're able to put a rock in the waterfall & jump into the void.

The last thing I showed in this video was a faster running speed.
This is done by:

-Standing completely still, then mashing B and moving forwards.
-Once you start jumping forward as you run, you can stop mashing B.

Hope this was interesting! There are other glitches in this game. One is done with the Horse, which just puts you in the black void.

But the other is a very useful glitch, which you can find a video of here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyitGSItt20

I speedrun this game as well as a few other Harvest Moon games, so if you're interested you can find my Twitch stream here: