Dark Souls III | The Completionist

Dark Souls III | The Completionist

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Dark Souls III
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I finish off the last entry of the month of three-quels with the darkest one: Dark Souls III.

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Calling something "the Dark Souls of *insert anything being reviewed here* affected the development of Dark Souls III. Not in a way of cranking up the difficulty, but with all the attention Dark Souls 3 was made to be more accessible to new plays and combined the best elements of the previous installments. Dark Souls 3 is crisp and haunting, build from the ground up for the new consoles. The only thing that falls short is the narrative. Not in the quality but in the presentation. Dark Souls lore is something you have to piece together with flavor text and conversations to get the full effect of the world they have built. With such a difficult game series, I'm sad to see it go but am happy that I completed Dark Souls!

Let me know what you thought about my Dark Souls 3 review!

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