Let's Play Shoppe Keep #9: Iron Armour!

Let's Play Shoppe Keep #9: Iron Armour!

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Heading back to Shoppe Keep for a brand new series. Shoppe Keep 2 is set for a release in April, therefore I though it would be great to get back into running our own shop so that we're fully prepared!
The tier two warrior gear allows us to start buying in and selling iron plate armour, which is perfect for all those warriors out there who are looking to start fighting something a little more fearsome than the local rabbits!

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Shoppe Keep challenges you to shrewdly set the price of each item and watch the money roll in – but if your stock is too expensive, you will find your supplies shrinking as stealing increases! Stop Thieves quickly, with a swing of your sword or a zap of a lightning spell! (Or maybe both, if you’re really bloodthirsty.) Price your wares competitively and great adventurers will travel from miles away to your one-stop shop to spend their gold – the gold that they probably found conveniently placed on a cave floor! Shoppe Keep delivers deep gameplay mechanics in a memorable, tongue-in-cheek world.

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