Sunday Night Dying Light - short stream with maybe a dash of Dead by Daylight.

Sunday Night Dying Light - short stream with maybe a dash of Dead by Daylight.

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Dying Light
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Closing out the weekend with a little Dying Light. Come join the fun!

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It's really important we have a good positive community. We have people of all ages and all backgrounds attending the chat. Everyone should feel welcomed and included. In essence, treat this chat like you were at work around the water cooler.

To do so, we need to observe clear boundaries.

Chat Rules

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How can I tip?

You can use the tip link ( or use super chat.

Can I tip the mods?

Absolutely. Just make a tip and let me know it's for the mods. I'll get it over to them. Note: King Goose loves $20 Starbucks cards ;)

Should I feel bad if I can't tip you any money?

Absolutely not! You are already giving me your most valuable resource: your time. If you ever meet a streamer who makes you feel bad for not tipping, find a different streamer!

Also, please DO NOT tip if you are doing injury to yourself, you have financial difficulties, or have a limited income. Save that money for you! Tipping it to me would make me sad. :(

What will you do with the tips?

All tips will be used for equipment and stream upgrades. Once all geared up, tips will go into a long-term stream savings fund for making the stream full-time.

What is your current savings goal?

Facecam and green screen.

---=== Livestream FAQs ===---

What system is this on?

This is recorded on the PC.

What are your specs:

See the about page

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What's your PS4 Username


Do you still do giveaways?

Not anymore, but they may pop up every once in awhile.

Are you on Twitch?

Yes, but only as a viewer. I stream exclusively on YouTube.

Where do you live?

Connecticut, US

Will you play online with me?

Not yet. Still figuring out the technical aspects of streaming, but once we lock this thing down, we can have online matches.

Can I be a mod?

No. If I need a mod, I'll ask. Please don't ask on stream.

What are your favorite games:

Ultima 4, Half Life 1, Prince of Persia: Sands of Times, Minecraft, Bioshock Infinite

How did you get your name:

Xbox made me change my username back in the day. They kept on rejecting on my choices until I hit VegetarianZombie. I found I liked it.

Are you a vegetarian?

Technically yes. I eat vegetarians, so thus, I am a vegetarian.


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