Podcast 84:  Final E3 2017 thoughts | IO goes Indie & other news of the week!

Podcast 84: Final E3 2017 thoughts | IO goes Indie & other news of the week!

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Xbox One
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Welcome to The Original Next Level Gaming Podcast, here the NLG team talks about all the news going on in gaming. Just a bunch of great gamers talkin' games, and maybe with a guest or two!

26:00 - General E3 Discussion
39:45 - EA Play
43:00 - Bethesda
47:22 - Ubisoft
53:25 - Nintendo
56:54 - Sony
1:19:45 - Microsoft
2:09:25 - Xbox One X Discussion
2:44:45 - Io Interactive
2:47:55 - Juan's Retro Recommedation: Return Fire for the PSX

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