Let's Play The Sims #46: Dave and Yvette Make a Splash

Let's Play The Sims #46: Dave and Yvette Make a Splash

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The Sims
The Sims (2000)
Duration: 21:23
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Now that Dave and Yvette have reached as high in their job as I'm going to take them, it's time for them to enjoy their freedom from climbing the career ladder. Their days will no longer be spent trying to maintain family friends or earning skills purely for promotion, instead doing whatever they wish with their time and money.

Fortunately, I know exactly what Dave and Yvette need to spend their money on, essential work to their house that'll make living there that much more enjoyable and easier. After all, we can't go wasting all their spare cash on frivolous things that'll never be used enough to justify all the cash put into it.

That would be silly.

At 7:54 there is a cut segment due to an audio issue. No commentary is lost.