Let's Play Skyforge - #43: Veines (1)

Let's Play Skyforge - #43: Veines (1)

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Skyforge (2015)
Let's Play
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In this part, I begin my mission to breakup the siege going on at the mostly isolated region of Veines. Well, I suppose it was more isolated before the Ascension update rearranged the world map and open world region locations.

Veines (both the city and region) are under attack by the Reapers of Death, and the Gorgonides. The southern roads are cut-off due to the Reapers, the city is under almost complete Gorgonide control, and the rest of the region is filled with enemy forces patrolling.

Outside of maybe the northern part, this region is ultimately rather forgettable. It's another mostly grassy plains region, and most of the enemies are ones we've battled time and time again. Once again, I wish this game's open world regions had more diversity.

This region is even smaller than Usuni Valley. It will only take 3 parts to complete this area.

This part was originally recorded back in March 9th, 2017.


Skyforge is developed by Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment and published by My.Com/Mail.ru.