Pokemon Fire Red - Lift Key and Silph Scope

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First of all, sry about the video quality.

Now this video I will show you where to the the Lift Key and the Silpho Scope.

Go to the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. Head straight inside and you will see a member of team rocket standing there. Defeat him and hit the button behind the poster. Head down stairs to the THIRD FLOOR (you will have to go through SECOND maze to get to the staircase) and there should only be one guy there. Defeat him and he will drop the Lift Key. Now head back to the second floor and go through another maze and take the Lift/ Elevator and then go to the FORTH FLOOR. Once you got out of the elevator head north and defeat two grunts and behind the door will be GIOVANNI! Prepare yourself and defeat him. After that, he will leave and drop the Silph Scope. The Scope is used to see ghost pokemon at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

I was going to put music in this but i didnt get the chance to do so. SRY.

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