NSUNS4 – Ultimate Survival Challenge Achievement/Trophy (2 attempts)

NSUNS4 – Ultimate Survival Challenge Achievement/Trophy (2 attempts)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46NapKI5-JQ

Duration: 1:32:57
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I’ve been trying to get this achievement for the past two months. With each defeat, I try and remember the CPU’s attack pattern and plan accordingly.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Use cancel chakra dashes to continue attacks and intercept substitutions, time the counter [RT+X] to block off chakra dash, and use Jutsu when necessary.

For this video, I only had enough time for two runs.

First attempt – I used Reanimated Minato for multiple angles of attack, depending on the situation. For support, I had SO6P Naruto for Strike Back chance and cover fire when charging. I also had Kushina for mid-range support and Charge assist.

His Ultimate Jutsu was a way to end the fight more quickly ONLY when the CPU tries to spam their techniques/support and it has range that rivals both Tenten’s and Gaara’s Ultimate. This only happens when their health drops passed the half-way mark and the awakening spot appears. That’s when their chakra gauge automatically refills itself because of the health difference.

His Rasengan can either close the gap or widen the distance
Flying Thunder God Lv. 2 was meant as a finisher to close the tedious space.

His awakening was meant to avoid close combat since the Minato only used his Teleportation kunai as his main attack initiator while awakened.

Minato has one of the fastest attack speeds which helps bait out the substitutions.

Second attempt – I used Kushina for close and long range battle tactics. This was a solo match to redeem her lost battle.

Her Ultimate Jutsu is pretty close to the player, but Tsunade’s is a slightly smaller (and don’t even get me started with Itachi’s Ultimate range). The only time when I would use it is for the ultimate finisher, but one of two conditions must be met. I had to wait for the CPU to dash towards me or (sorry Minato) wait for a Jutsu that teleports or closes the distance. There would be times when I did use it outside of a finisher, but those were battles that I didn’t want to chance and focused it as an early health drainer.

Her “Frying Pan Attack” was a solid Jutsu dash and similar to all Jutsu dashes, it auto blocks shurikens in the process (like the Rasengan)

Her awakening lets her use one of the most widest ranged Ninjutsu attacks in the roster, for a standard awakening (Biju and Susano’o awakenings excluded).

Kushina’s attacks may be slow, but her full combo does the same amount of damage as with every other character in the game.