Let's Play World Of Warcraft #11: The Secret In Duskwood!

Let's Play World Of Warcraft #11: The Secret In Duskwood!

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World of WarCraft
Duration: 41:22
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A long running series that follows the adventures of Grundorn the Paladin, a middle aged man who's led a rather quiet life working on his family farm. After an attack from raiding murlocs that killed all his livestock, he's now determined to make the world a safer place for everyone that lives there!
More battles against the dead, the possessed worgen and now ogres as well! We also venture deep into the mountains in the middle of Duskwood and discover the secret lying within, although we don't understand what it is or what it's ancient purpose is!

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Episode #10 https://youtu.be/g0yu2Lw7Jgk

Episode #12 https://youtu.be/NZusnbevvoA

World of Warcraft can be found here https://eu.battle.net/shop/en/product/world-of-warcraft
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