GTA5 Roleplay (Police) - Police Chase Drug Dealer in High Speed Pursuit - Westminster RPC E8

GTA5 Roleplay (Police) - Police Chase Drug Dealer in High Speed Pursuit - Westminster RPC E8

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An early shift where I am in the BMW 530D marked traffic car (BX66 HDR) and pursue a drug dealer with Westminster Roleplay Community - roleplaying the British UK Metropolitan Police Online! #gta5mods #ukgta #wrpc

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Westminster RPC is a community of people that enjoy roleplaying the various roles within the British UK London emergency services.
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This video is brought to you using the FiveM multiplayer platform for GTA5 on PC. All gameplay took place on a private server and not on Rockstar's GTA5 Online servers, therefore not being in violation of their EULA. In no way do I condone modding in Rockstar's official GTA Online environment.
In this video, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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