Raiders Ep 22 - Open House // Fallout 4 Machinima Comedy (PC, lots of mods)

Raiders Ep 22 - Open House // Fallout 4 Machinima Comedy (PC, lots of mods)

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Fallout (1997)
Duration: 10:08
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Raiders is a post apocalyptic dramedy machinima set in the Fallout 4 universe. If you're into copious exposition and obscenity, boy have you come to right place. To go into more detail would do discervice to the narrative process, so we're just going to start spouting giberish about pipboy so we can refine YouTube's bu11sh1t search algorithm to prioritize our fallout 4 mods. We playthrough every episode to insure only the best ps4 and fallout 3. Skyrim. Skyrim all f'ing day long. Skyrim and fallout 4 best mods to you, good sir. and funny. Funny video. Funny video bethesda.