We're Never Leaving New Donk City ► SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY - Part 19

We're Never Leaving New Donk City ► SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY - Part 19

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAUO4qyNDUI

Super Mario Odyssey
Duration: 17:23
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Another amazing day in New Donk City here in Super Mario Odyssey! We start with a fearsome fight against the Mechawiggler and as soon as we assure that none of that power is going back into the grid of the Metro City, all of the power magically comes back! And they totally thank Pauline? What? Mario did all that work! Whatever, it doesn't matter! Now we just spend out time out in the sun, possessing random dudes just trying to drive remote control cars, playing jump rope, and blasting off to an acrobatic high rise! It's a good time! Join us!
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