REUPLOAD! Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer Coop Mario and Luigi Part 4 - DarkLightBros

REUPLOAD! Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer Coop Mario and Luigi Part 4 - DarkLightBros

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REUPLOAD: PART 4 of our Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer Mario and Luigi Coop Let's Play with the DarkLightBros. Welcome and Get Hyped for Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer Coop with Mario and Luigi. In Part 4, we do the rest of Water World. The Randomizer allows us to play Super Mario Bros 3 out of order. Enjoy. :)

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Super Mario Bros. 3 is the third game in the Mario series.

Bowser has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom and with his seven Koopalings, he tries to conquer it again. He sends his Koopalings into seven kingdoms of the Mushroom World to capture the king of that area, steal their magic wands and alter the kings' appearance.However, this was only a distraction so that Bowser could capture Peach again. The bros. then traveled to Dark Land, where Castle Koopa is and rescued Peach.

World One

Grass Land is the first world of the game that was attacked by Larry Koopa, who stole the wand of the Grass Land King and turned him into a dog.

World Two

Desert Hill (also known as Desert Land or the Koopahari Desert) is the second world of the game. It is a region within a vast desert, filled with sand, palm trees and some pyramids.The king was attacked by Morton Koopa Jr., who turned him into a spider.

World 3

Also referred to as Water Land or Sea/Ocean Side, it is a water-themed region that was raided by Wendy O. Koopa.

World 4

Mario encountering Gargantua Koopas in Big Island. This world, which is also known as Giant Land, is mainly composed of an island in the vague shape of a Koopa. It is a relatively green island with plants growing on it that resemble Fire Flowers. The castle at the west coast of the island was attacked by Iggy Koopa.

World 5

The area also known as Sky Land is the world that has been conquered by Roy Koopa. It is divided into two parts: a ground part and a sky part. The player begins on the ground. The most notably feature of this area is the possibility to gain the Kuribo's Shoe, an item that can be obtained in World 5-3 only. After clearing the levels on the ground, the player can reach a spiraling tower that reaches up to the sky. The main part of the level is located here, and there are also some creatures exclusively to this realm, namely the Para-Beetle in World 5-6.

World 6

Iced Land, sometimes referred to as Ice Land, is an area covered in snow and ice. The palace of Iced Land was attacked by Lemmy Koopa and Mario has to venture there and reclaim the magic wand just like in the previous worlds. The Palace is far to the east near the sea. The Hammer Suit makes its debut here.

World 7

Also known as Pipe Land, Pipe Maze is a series of small islands in a network of confusing pipes. The fourth stage is an underwater level with spiked Cheep -Cheeps, some Big Berthas and three Blooper Nannies. Prince Ludwig von Koopa attacked the Pipe Maze king and turned him into a goldenrod Venus Fire Trap.

World 8

This mysterious world (also known as Dark Land) is ruled by King Bowser. The levels in this world are primarily tank brigades and airships. There are also three Hand Traps found in the second area of the world, which unexpectedly grab Mario or Luigi and take them to a short obstacle course which has a chest containing a Super Leaf at the end. The third area has two normal levels and a Fortress, and the final area has the last tank level and Castle Koopa, where Mario and Luigi must finally battle Bowser and save the princess.



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