DURAMBOROS & SEREGIOS! Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate W/ @Wolf_Bluff Part 3 - DarkLightBros

DURAMBOROS & SEREGIOS! Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate W/ @Wolf_Bluff Part 3 - DarkLightBros

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Part 3 of our Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Online Coop Collab with Wolf_Bluff. In Part 3, we do the HR 6 quests For Whom The Gong Tolls where we fight a Duramboros and Seer of Swords where we fight a Seregios and make it to hr 7 on the Road to G Rank. Enjoy. :]

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, known in Japan as Monster Hunter XX, is an action-role-playing game in the Monster Hunter series developed and published by Capcom.

Monster Hunter Generations serves as a celebration of the all previous titles in the Monster Hunter series, with villages and monsters from past games returning. The feline sidekicks, Palicos, return as assistance characters and playable characters.

Two new Hunting Styles are added to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate alongside the four that appear in the normal game. The Valor style and the Alchemy Style.

Valor style allows hunters to sheath a weapon to charge attacks and absorb enemy hits. A variety of special attacks can be conducted from the sheathed stance. By performing maneuvers in the stance, players charge a meter that can be triggered to unlock an upgraded strength and moveset. Valor Style players must play skillfully and waste as little time attacking or chasing the monster. Valor Style allows only one equipable Hunter Art.

Alchemy style is a support based Style with an attached meter that slowly fills over time. The meter is spent on performing Alchemy which synthesizes special items. These items can be recovery or support items for the player or attached party. Alchemy Style allows three equitable Hunter Arts, but these skills are on a longer cooldown.

The four returning Hunter Styles from Generations include:

Guild Style: The standard, balanced hunting style used in all Monster Hunter games. Can equip up to two Hunter Arts.

Aerial Style: Evading into any creature, whether it be a monster or another hunter, or other physical items such as bombs, will have the hunter leap into the air. Gains new attacks in the air at the cost of some grounded ones. Can equip only one Hunter Art.

Striker Style: Has significantly altered combos and changes to charge speed. Can equip up to three Hunter Arts.

Adept Style: Evading the split second before being hit will have the hunter perform a leap that covers a great distance and has significant invincibility frames, being able to counterattack and string combos once the leap ends. Blocking the split second before being hit allows the hunter to counterattack and string combos without delay. Certain moves cannot be triggered from standard, and requires evading/blocking. Can equip only one
Hunter Art.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate contains several returning areas from across the Monster Hunter series, including returning villages.

Verdant Hills
Arctic Ridge
Deserted Island
Misty Peaks
Sacred Pinnacle
Ancestral Steppe
Primal Forest
Frozen Seaway
Volcanic Hollow
Jurassic Frontier
Wyvern's End Tower
Ingle Isle
Polar Field
Moat Arena
Ruined Pinnacle

All fourteen weapon types from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate return in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Great Sword
Long Sword
Sword and Shield
Dual Blades
Hunting Horn
Switch Axe
Charge Blade
Insect Glaive
Light Bowgun
Heavy Bowgun

Source: http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_Generations_Ultimate

Monster Hunter is owned By Capcom
This video is owned by the DARKLIGHTBROS, unless images/music specified in above description.

Footage recorded for fair use and intended for educational purposes to showcase the game and its premise and to get newcomers into this game. :]


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