THE FLOATING WHIRLINDAS! KING BOO! AREA 2! Luigis Mansion 3DS 2 Player Coop Part 3 - DarkLightBros

THE FLOATING WHIRLINDAS! KING BOO! AREA 2! Luigis Mansion 3DS 2 Player Coop Part 3 - DarkLightBros

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Part 3 of our Luigis Mansion 100% 2 Player Coop Gameplay playthrough on Nintendo 3ds. In Part 3, we begin Area 2 and meet the Floating Whirlindas. We also find King Boo and his Boo minions. Enjoy. :)

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Luigis Mansion 3DS Coop Playlist:

Luigi's Mansion is a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube initially released in 2001 and the first installment of the Luigi's Mansion series. A sequel to this game, titled Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, was released for Nintendo 3DS family systems in 2013. The game marks the debuts of King Boo, a major villain in the Mario franchise, and Professor E. Gadd, a major supporting character in the series.

The game was re-released for the Nintendo 3DS with additional features such as coop, gyro controls.

Luigi, having won a mansion in a contest he did not participate, enters Boo Woods and locates it. He enters the mansion and is soon attacked by a ghost, but Professor E. Gadd appears and attempts to vacuum the ghost with his Poltergust 3000. E. Gadd tells Luigi that the house is an illusion that has appeared out of thin air, where Mario has been captured by King Boo and his minions.

Luigi uses two devices given to him by E. Gadd to progress through the game: the Poltergust 3000 to vacuum up ghosts and the Game Boy Horror to investigate objects, navigate the mansion and communicate with E. Gadd. On top of its primary function, the Poltergust has various other uses as well, such as vacuuming up money and being used as a flashlight to help Luigi see and even stun ghosts. Once Luigi collects the corresponding Elemental Medal, he can also use the Poltergust to vacuum up Elemental Ghosts and expel their fire, water or ice powers to fight other ghosts and deplete their HPs so that Luigi can capture them.

All Portrait Ghosts

Area One

The Bookish Father

The Mirror-Gazing Mother

The Spoiled Baby

Area Two

The Floating Whirlindas
The Dancing Couple

The Wandering Butler

Melody Pianissima
The Beautiful Pianist

Mr. Luggs
The Glutton

The Hungry Guard Dog

The Cemetery Shadow

Area Three

Biff Atlas
The Bodybuilder

Miss Petunia
The Bathing Beauty

The Scarf Knitting Granny

Slim Bankshot
The Lonely Poolshark

Henry and Orville
The Twin Brothers

Madame Clairvoya
The Freaky Fortune Teller

The Jumbo Ghost

Area Four

Uncle Grimmly
Hermit of the Darkness

Clockwork Soldiers
The Toy Platoon

Sue Pea
The Dozing Girl

The Jar Collector

Sir Weston
The Chilly Climber

Vincent Van Gore
The Starving Artist

Bowser and King Boo
The Dastardly Duo

There are 51 Boos that hide in the various rooms of the mansion. 35 of these are named to differentiate between them, while the remaining 15 make up the third Boss of the game, Boolossus. The magic of the King Boo's spells increase based on the number of his minions nearby. Because of this, Luigi must capture 20 Boos to break the seal designed to block Boolossus from him. After capturing 20 more, the seal separating Luigi from King Boo was broken. If Luigi catches all 50 Boos, he will be rewarded with the extremely valuable Gold Diamond.

Rank A: Finish the game at or above 100,000,000G or 150,000,000G(PAL).
Rank B: Finish the game with 70,000,000 to 99,999,999G or 70,000,000 to 149,999,999G(PAL).
Rank C: Finish the game with 60,000,000 to 69,999,999G.
Rank D: Finish the game with 50,000,000 to 59,999,999G.
Rank E: Finish the game with 40,000,000 to 49,999,999G.
Rank F: Finish the game with 20,000,000 to 39,999,999G.
Rank G: Finish the game with 5,000,000 to 19,999,999G.
Rank H: Finish the game with 5,000 to 4,999,999G.


Luigis Mansion is owned By Nintendo
This video is owned by the DARKLIGHTBROS, unless images/music specified in above description.

Footage recorded for fair use and intended for educational purposes to showcase the game and its premise and to get newcomers into this game. :]


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