GOD EATER 3 Promotional Video [English Translated]

GOD EATER 3 Promotional Video [English Translated]

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OboKFJUPTbo

God Eater 3
Duration: 4:32
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I translated this video myself and as the author to the translated text, its my right should I wish to keep the English translations exclusive to my own channel.

Its okay to post links to this video or my channel or even use PARTS of the translations in your own video as long as I am credited.

But re-uploading the entire video or omitting the watermark at the top of the video isn't allowed by law.

Before anyone claims Fair Use, here's how Fair Use actually works:

-You are allowed to re-use existing work for promotional, educational and criticism purposes provided you do not reproduce the entire body of work in its entirety, attempt to claim ownership to the work or attempt to make money off the work directly.

I am re-uploading this video for promotional purposes and as a result, Bandai Namco claims this video as theirs and runs their own advertising on it.

I make no money off this video even though my own IP is in it. That's how it works.

But if someone was to re-upload this video in a way that they can make money off of it AND use my unaltered translations, you will be violating the law and the Fair Use policy and I can report your channel for copyright infringement.

Now, don't screw around and get reported. If you want to use PARTS of the translation, just ask me. I will agree and we can all be happy.

But I will only agree if you are not making money off of my work and are not reproducing my work in its entirety.

Don't give me reasons to stop dong translation videos.

Original video:

God Eater 3 Official Opening Song Music Video:


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