Dan's Way to get "Top of the Sunken Ship" WITHOUT the Cannon (non-TAS) in SMSR

Dan's Way to get "Top of the Sunken Ship" WITHOUT the Cannon (non-TAS) in SMSR

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCczwQBnLcM

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Dan the SM64 expert is here to show you another incredible way to get a star! Today, he's not doing anything in original Super Mario 64 , he's playing a ROM hack by SKELUX called Super Mario Star Road! This time, he's getting Course 1, Star 2: "Top of the Sunken Ship" without the cannon! (non-TAS.) The way he does it is by backwards long-jumping - BLJ for short - in a glitchy spot of King Bob-Omb's air fort, (gathering an enormous amount of backwards speed in the process) and running off of the island backwards at just the right angle to land on the ship's mast.

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