Plantera D-Mode Boss Battle! Calamity Mod ||Episode 17 - Season 2||

Plantera D-Mode Boss Battle! Calamity Mod ||Episode 17 - Season 2||

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Today we fight Plantera and show off an incredible arena for defeating her.

In this series, we play through the Calamity D-mode with the melee class!

Calamity (latest update)

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►Mod List◄
★Calamity Mod★
★Alchemist NPC★
★Fargo's Mutant Mod★
★Recipe Browser★
★Boss Checklist★
★No More Tombstones★
★imksushi's Mod★
★Which Mod is This From★
★Magic Storage★
★Yet another boss health Bar★
★Vein Miner★

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