Advanced Scientific Civilization Vs An Evil God! - Releasing A Deadly Plague - Simmiland Gameplay

Advanced Scientific Civilization Vs An Evil God! - Releasing A Deadly Plague - Simmiland Gameplay

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Welcome back to Simmiland! Today I build an advanced civilization that struggles with modern medication. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Simmiland, thanks for watching and liking.

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About Simmiland:

In Simmiland you create a small civilization that you can only influence indirectly by playing cards to the land, such as plants🍃 and minerals ⛰️. Playing a plant on a grass biome tile will result in a wheat plant, but playing a plant card somewhere else will also create something else. Try to experiment as much as you can!

Playing cards costs ✨ 'faith' ✨ that you gain from the humans when they periodically pray for you, or when you fulfill their wishes. One may wish for a berry bush and another for a deadly plague ☠️

One of the more important cards is the ⚗️ 'inspect' ⚗️ card. This card can be played on items, objects and sometimes just on empty tiles. The inspect card will trigger an invention that will help the humans explore your world further.

The way you shape the land and guide the humans will decide which way the humans will develop. They can go as far as to build a rocket! 🚀

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