Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - World of Light (Part 4)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - World of Light (Part 4)

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Welcome to part four of my World of Light adventure! I do more dungeons and rescue more fighters and spirits.

I streamed this game back in December 17th 2018. I did not see any spoilers of the game and I was only aware of some of the spirits. So what you'll see is my first experience with the game. You'll see my genuine reactions of everything and I will sometimes interact with the chat and talk about stuff that have already happened.

1:44 Molten Fortress
6:25 Twinbellows!
22:13 Rescuing Peach
25:54 Shaymin!
26:25 "Get out of my shot!"
30:07 Giga Bowser!
35:27 Kapp'n support?
1:09:11 Start World Tour
1:29:22 Rescuing Ryu
1:42:29 Rescuing Mii Gunner
2:01:53 Forest Hill
2:10:21 Rescuing Toon Link
2:26:19 Rathalos!
2:51:34 Rescuing Mr. Game and Watch
2:56:27 Waterfall ride!
2:57:40 Rescuing Pikachu

System: Nintendo Switch
With Commentary!
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Enjoy! ★