Splatoon 2: Pancakes vs Waffles Splatfest - Live Stream #256

Splatoon 2: Pancakes vs Waffles Splatfest - Live Stream #256

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otcRhK8gx0g

Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (2017)
Duration: 3:16:22
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Hi everyone, I'm Nikash Gill speaking. It's that time again where we party, and do all we can for our supporting teams. The theme for this one focuses on two delicious breakfast treats: Pancakes or Waffles! See how well my team and I will perform on the maps with more continuous fun!
To summarise: Pretty nice run here and there. I personally didn't play as good since I used a shorter range shooter (i.e. Neo Splash-o-matic). When I switched to the Kensa Splattershot Pro, it was slightly better overall. Salmon Run was insane, but had some good runs.

Part 1: Turf War at The Reef, Snapper Canal, and Shifty Station ()

Part 2A: Turf War at Camp Triggerfish, and Shifty Station ()

Part 2B: Salmon Run at Ruins of Ark Polaris ()

Thanks for watching, take care & I’ll see you next time.

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