KINGDOM HEARTS 3 - Naminé & Strelitzia (?) Missable Cutscenes - Talking to All Stars

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 - Naminé & Strelitzia (?) Missable Cutscenes - Talking to All Stars

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Kingdom Hearts III
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Two important cutscenes can be accidentally missed if you don't talk to two specific stars when reaching The Final World the first time.

The dialogue with Naminé is important because it's the only time we actually listen to her speaking in the whole game, and because it kind of explains that she's the one who let the Lingering Will reach the Keyblade Graveyard.

The second dialogue goes way beyond. We still don't know the identity of this mysterious girl speaking, but according to what she says and by our KHUX knowledge, it's pretty fair to assume she's actually Strelitzia, the girl whose heart got lost after being attacked by an unknown figure right before the Keyblade War. From the recent KHUX Japanese story updates, we learned that Strelitzia had a brother, Lauriam (Marluxia), who tried to track her down, but now he's got his heart replaced (Marluxia being in the new Organization). There are a lot of hints leading us to think this star really is Strelitzia, waiting for Lauriam to find her.

It's unclear the identity of the other unvoiced stars (but some of them kind of make me think of Strelitzia again).

But then again all I've just said may turn out to be perfectly wrong.

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