Can Bethesda Fix Fallout 76?

Can Bethesda Fix Fallout 76?

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Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
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Today we discuss the future of Fallout 76. I pose the question as to whether Bethesda can fix or recover Fallout 76 and give some evidence to help you reach conclusions. Fallout 76 has had one of the worst game releases in recent history, but could they turn it around?


Fallout 76 Bugs Post:
Fallout 76’s next patch fails to impress community:
The second coming of No Man’s Sky:
No Man's Sky Player Count:
It may not be possible to save Fallout 76:
Bethesda Game Studios Austin History:
Fallout 76 PC Features Missing:
Fallout 76 Bethesda Response to Missing Features:
Fallout 76 Patch Notes:
Fallout 76: Inside the Vault – February 7, 2019:

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My notes:
Can Bethesda Still Fix Fallout 76?
- Community morale at all time low
o Simply ran out of things to do or got tired of the game
- Approaching the issue of – is this game even good bug free?
o 1 piece of new content actually announced and a month away still
- Feels like an indie or small budget game in update process
o Due to smaller and newer studio
 Bug fixes + new content
o Bethesda issue of “the frontier”
 Patch notes
 Gameplay features
 Wanted to be different so never looked at what the competition was doing?
- What can they do from here?
o Hoping for No Man’s Sky
 Hunker down and improve the game
• Layout roadmap for community – Apex Legends and other games as a service
o Last inside the vault
 Peaked again but bleeding players
o People got over it quickly
o Manpower/content problem – you have 4 studios?
 Had idea of just Austin working on the game
 How many people come back with good DLCs?
 Is this something they actually do?
 New DLC comes out and people immediately gobble it up and back to content problem
o Mods seem like an easy way out
 Disagree in principle
 Revenue hit
o FF XIV approach
o Is it time to give up?
 Are they essentially
 “Forever”
 Blow us away with next game

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