DragonMFD 2.0 - Lv75 Werewolf Hunting - Empress & Witch Duo

DragonMFD 2.0 - Lv75 Werewolf Hunting - Empress & Witch Duo

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H79ddQTR6r4

Duration: 9:18
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Dragon Marked for Death 2.0 - Lv75 Werewolf Hunting Duo,
with some tips for duo before the end of the video.
One of the quests that needs a strategy and more cooperation!
Witch: AR, 2DKC. Attacker.
Emp: Yamato, 2DKC. Supporter.
*I'll post more details about my strategy on community page soon.
I play and upload gameplay videos \(¯︶¯*)
Mostly are related to 2D, pixel or action games.
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