Europa Universalis IV | Golden Century | Port Royal | 40

Europa Universalis IV | Golden Century | Port Royal | 40

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It's a pirate's life for me! Here we continue the Aragon world, but from a new perspective. One of the three pirate republics which appear in the Caribbean, should the stars (and the loot) align. We've attempted New Providence, but now it's the turn of Port Royal.

Golden Century improves the Iberia region, giving Castile, Aragon, Portugal and Navarra a much needed once over, while also improving the fortunes of the Berber states to their south (as well as Granada). New mechanics include the Orders for those nations, new ideas and mission trees. Naval power has also gotten an overhaul, with the addition of Flagships and Naval barrage ability. Finally the new Pirate Republics have been added, both as formable nations and dynamically occurring ones.

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Golden Century DLC was given to me by Paradox at no charge.

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