Private Pilot lesson 12

Private Pilot lesson 12

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Date: W.21Sep2015.
Unless otherwise stated, all flights are in Cessna 172s operating out of KBTV. Flights are in order but I was not using my GoPro for every flight so some lesson numbers are skipped.

initial takeoff 0:16:25
final touchdown 1:03:09

Log entry activities: preflight, slowflight, stall power on/off, s-turns, turns about a point, slips to land, emergency procedures, normal T/O&Landing.

1. Thumbnail source is property of VFA. Please contact me in person if you would prefer I use other.

2. What you see is what you get. It was my original intention to carefully edit each video with text enhancements to describe what maneuvers we were practicing, what we were seeing, pointing at, planning, saying, etc. I also would have liked to remove redundant or tedious bits. Those luxuries have passed, as has my memory of most flight details. Furthermore, once the GoPro is strapped to my forehead I have no way of knowing what its viewing angle is until after the flight is over. Some videos will have terrible angles, showing the ceiling or my knees, others will aim perfectly outside. Enjoy what you can enjoy.

3. Verbal hostility will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is one thing, citing offenses is another. I have no intention of jeopardizing the careers or reputations of myself or my instructors. I do not know who will watch these videos; your experience and affiliations are unforeseeable factors. If you have any serious remarks to make, please contact me in an offline message through YT channel comms. Please understand the context that these videos represent a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT and I make no promises that everything shown here is in perfect accordance with protocols. With the exception of my check ride instructors, primary training was given by more advanced students of the same program. Also understand that any threats, legal or otherwise, will be met with appropriate action. I explicitly DENY authorization for anyone to download, record, copy, or link/make outside reference to any video content. These videos are public domain only for so long as they remain in Public status on my channel.